Magician Sydney

Resident Magician at The Magician’s Cabaret Venue

With a father (Pat Jarvis) who represented Australia in Rugby League, one would expect Jackson to pursue a life of sport, but destiny had a different path in store for him. At the age of twelve, Jackson’s calling began to manifest when his mother bought him a deck of cards, which saw his teenage years spent mastering the art of magic and a new genre in magic – cardistry.

Jackson’s speed, skill, and ability to perform magic moves such as the Upside-down Card Spring, the Lightning Spinner, Endless Card Productions, Blindfolded Arm-spread Catches, Sybil and the Infinity Change gained him instant recognition from the magic industry, who referred to him as the Master of Cards.

Passionate to further his craft, Jackson trained relentlessly at The Magic Academy, obtaining all Certificate Levels including working with Choreographer / Director James Taylor (Royal Ballet of London, Sydney Dance Company), to obtain the TMA Level 7 – Master Magician, along with being decorated with The Platinum Wand Award a record five times.

It wasn’t long before word of a young Sydney magician, quicker than the eye and as graceful as Fred Astaire, reached the ears of James Karp – the renowned Producer of Australia’s acclaimed theatre restaurant venue, The Magician’s Cabaret. An audition was arranged and Jackson was cast as a resident performer in the production La Fortuna: A Magician’s Tale, voted “Top 3 Things To Do In Sydney After Dark” by American celebrity magazine Cliché.

Due to Jacksons ability to perform the most difficult of all magic – card manipulation (a rarely-seen art form involving advanced sleight-of-hand techniques with playing cards – moves so difficult that even Houdini, Criss Angel and David Copperfield have never perfected them) Jackson holds the coveted role of The Magician – a role that features in all productions at The Magicians Cabaret restaurants Sydney. This has led to Jackson holding the prestigious Magicians Cape for over 500 shows, and has seen him receive the Top Hat Award five times.

MW magazine described Jackson as “supremely talented”, and the prestigious magic Magazine VANISH USA described Jackson’s performance as “a stunning choreography of cards constructed with all the fantasy and emotion inherent of a poet.” But his skill in magic also includes mind reading, roving magic, cabaret and Illusions, making him well sought-out in the corporate market, and his list of clients include Myer, Telstra, Australian Turf Club, Marriott Hotels, The Four Seasons Hotel, Peppers Resort, Event Cinemas, Powerhouse Museum, British American Tobacco, Thredbo Resort and Mercure to name a but a few.

Having successfully performed an illusion three times to his peers with the secret remaining undetected, Jackson received the honour of becoming a member of the underground “Pura Mente Et Corpore Magum” Group. It was at their annual meeting in 2012 that Jackson was voted in as chief member for his remarkable skill at card magic – a skill that no other magician in Australia can match.

Jackson’s unique talents in cardistry have made him a social media sensation with over 50,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook, garnering an invitation to judge 2015 International Cardistry Open Tournament. He also holds the unofficial world record for “The most one handed Charlier cuts in one minute”, cutting a deck of cards with one hand eighty-six times. Jackson’s finesse and manual dexterity also saw Jackson appear in three commercials using movie magic for Chartered Accountants, ANZ and Xero (watch the magic here). Jackson also caught the attention of International magician Dynamo who on his recent visit to Australian spent time with Jackson on cardistry moves and worked together on the 2DAY FM promotion of Dynamo’s 2016 tour of Australia.

For three years Jackson was the resident magician at The Star Casino Sydney, headlining The Star Awards and frequenting The Star Casino VIP events (The Star Library, Marquee), seeing him entertain  2016 Eurovision Grand Finalist Dami Im in her limousine before her show, and at her after party.

Jackson’s talents in both magic and cardistry have also caught the eye of marketing & PR companies, music producers and television producers. He was recently featured on Channel Seven’s Disney (alongside actor Jackson Gallagher – Home and Away), on Channel Ten’s Toasted TV, on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show (for the French World Festival) and as a feature in Johnny Ruffo’s “She Got That O” music video playing the card mechanic / Dealer.

2015 saw Jackson’s own Magic Parlour show “An Intimate Evening of Magic with Jackson Aces” sell out all twelve shows. 2016 saw the production of Jackson’s new cabaret show “Impossibilities – An Evening of Wonders”, which opened at The Magicians Cabaret and is contracted to run for three years. Furthermore, Jackson’s rare collection of playing cards will be displayed at the Australian Museum of Magical Arts in 2017. Information on further magic shows is available on The Magicians Cabaret whats on Sydney page.

Magic Jackson says, shuffling a deck of cards in one hand, “… is my way of showing audiences the hidden beauty in life.”