Cardistry Sydney

Sydney-Magicians-Hire-Jackson-Aces-2Day-FM-Emma-Freedman-Dynamo-Magician-Impossible-Corporate-Magic-Show-Australia-Down-UnderJackson Aces is a cardistry artist.

Cardistry is the art of performing visually appealing and impressive moves with playing cards, called card flourishes, and has become a global sensation thanks to international magician Dynamo (particularly the famous Dynamo Shuffle – pictured).

Jackson has mastered over two-hundred cardistry moves including the Sybil, the Upside-Down Card Spring, Mockingbird, the Blindfolded Double Armspread Catch, and the Anaconda Waterfall flourish at a height of 1.5 metres. Furthermore, he has invented over fifty of his own cardistry moves, such as XY, Pegasus, Rock N Rolla, Flux, and the Angel Change. This has accumulated Jackson a fanbase of tens of thouands of young cardists, magicians and magic-lovers across social media and earned him an invitation to judge at the 2015 International Cardistry Open Tournament. Furthermore, he worked on Dynamo’s Seeing Is Believing Australian Tour, which involved working with Dynamo himself on his 2Day FM promotion.

Jackson’s expertise and skill level at cardistry has also seen him work in commercials, on television, and in music videos. Commercials include Chartered Accountants, ANZ, Thredbo and Xero. Television appearances on Disney, Toasted TV, Sydney Weekender, The Morning Show, and Le Tour De France 2015. Jackson also played the card mechanic (dealer) in Johnny Ruffo’s She Got That O music video.

Jackson’s hands are the fastest of any Australian magician or cardist, and he holds the unofficial world record for “Most one handed Charlier cuts in one minute” with 86 cuts of a deck of cards. This led to Jackson being awarded The Magicians Cape at The Magician’s Cabaret, and he has played the prestigious role of The Magician in over 400 shows. This character appears in all productions at The Magician’s Cabaret, opening each show with cardistry and classic card manipulations (where cards appear, disappear, change and levitate).