Best Trade Show Magician in Sydney

Australian Magician Jackson Aces is a master in the art of illusion and magic.

Make your next corporate event in Sydney unforgettable with trade show magician Jackson Aces. He will leave your guests and clients speechless with his amazing tricks. With the right professional on board for your corporate event in Sydney, you’ll draw all eyes toward your
brand while creating an extraordinary atmosphere of wonder and laughter!

Experience the power of trade show magic to boost your brand and attract attention! Jackson Aces will help to create buzz around your brand with captivating performances & turn leads into clients.


Give your event some WOW factor and get everyone talking...

Roving Best Trade Show Magician in Sydney

Sydney’s Top Trade Show Magician: Who to Hire for Your Next Event If you are looking for a Sydney-based magician to bring your corporate event, trade show or private party to life, the number one choice for your next event is Jackson Aces.

He has corporate trade show and convention experience covering events at the ICC, Amora Jamison and also Luna Park Sydney. He has spent years building his expertise with unforgettable tricks including predicting the names of loved ones, “guessing” phone numbers and making objects disappear in the audience’s hands. Jackson’s sorcery has blown away the likes of The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur, Mike Tyson and Delta Goodrem. His corporate guests include Myer, Telstra and Marriott Hotels.

Jackson knows exactly how to segue his unforgettable performance into a fruitful conversation about your brand or product. His trade show performances are the perfect way to get great leads from your next trade show.

Trade Show Magic: Boost Your Brand and Attract Attention

Jackson Aces is an expert at engaging your audience and making sure that your trade show exhibit stands out from the competition. Through performing stunning tricks and mesmerizing close-up magic, Jackson can create an amazing experience for guests.

Jackson’s performances are the perfect ice-breaker and conversation starter. This enables you to quickly connect with potential clients. His performances mean that your leads will be thinking about their experience—and your business—for weeks to come.

Jackson’s amazing tricks will pique the curiosity of attendees, leading them away from other competitors in the sea of exhibitors. It’s the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and get leads from trade shows.

Best of all, Jackson will take the information you provide to him about your business or industry. and carefully weave it into his performance. This means his presence can build an even stronger rapport with trade show attendees as he integrates his knowledge about your company.

Need a magician for your next event? Enquire now to see Jackson Aces' mastery of cardistry and roving magic.

Celebrity Endorsements

Jackson Aces' magic has blown the minds of millions of people around the globe.
He has over 6 million followers on social media as well as many celebrity endorsements.

Mike Tyson, World Heavyweight Champion Boxer
"Nice!! That was real magic."
Penn Jilette, Of Penn & Teller: Fool Us
"I'm blown away!"
Delta Goodrem AM, Australian Singer-songwriter
"You're always amazing"
Justin Hemmes, Billionaire
"I'm still trying to figure it out!"
Alan Jones AO, Radio Personality
"I love you!"
Steve Waugh, Australian Cricket Legend
"He was AMAZING! Incredible! I highly recommend him to anyone!"
Larry Emdur, Channel 7 Morning Show Host
"I'm out of here, it's creepy!!"
Ray Martin AM, Journalist
"That is sensational! Just sensational..."
Teller, Of Penn & Teller: Fool Us
"Wow! Your sleight-of-hand is very advanced."
Kylie Gillies, Channel 7 Morning Show Host
"Oh my god!! How did that happen?"

Trained in Las Vegas, Jackson performs some of the world's most astonishing magic, right before your eyes!

How Trade Show Magic Engages Your Customers

Jackson creates an intimate atmosphere through his personalised performances. Customers are used to heading to booths at trade shows and being given stock, corporate greetings. With decades of experience honing his skills in sleight of hand and card tricks, Jackson knows how to keep an audience captive from the moment they approach your booth. His stunning abilities will have them hooked, and they’ll be eager to start talking about your business.

Close-up magic generates a powerful connection between guests and the magician through intimate details that are seen up close. Jackson always offers an unforgettable interaction while providing positive associations with your business.

The Lasting Effects of Trade Show Magic

A magical performance at your next trade show will create buzz and positively impact word-of-mouth marketing. Jackson will leave people impressed and captivated, prompting them to share their experience with family members, friends or co-workers. You can even
show off Jackson’s presence on social media to build digital brand awareness.

Jackson’s performance at your trade show is a brilliant way to entice attendees to visit your booth. A memorable experience will help turn leads into clients, helping to ensure your trade show visit is a profitable one.

Common Questions When Hiring a Trade Show Magician

What is a trade show magician?

Trade show magicians are performers who can be hired to appear at trade show exhibition booths. They use their expertise to draw in potential clients before artfully transitioning their interaction to a conversation about your business.

What is the difference between stage magic and close-up magic?

Stage magic is performed in front of a large group, while close-up magic is directed at a much smaller audience. This means there are quite a few differences between the two, as stage magic is performed on a much larger scale and generally includes more theatrical elements.

Close-up magic is far more intimate, with a greater emphasis on personalisation and individual audience interaction. This is perfect for trade shows, as it becomes possible to quickly forge a connection with a lead through a mesmerising performance that heavily
includes them.

How can trade show magic generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for my brand?

Jackson’s trade show magic will lead to increased talk and promotion by creating a remarkable time for those who are present. His remarkable array of tricks will stump and amaze attendees, offering an unforgettable experience. Using such an approach is sure to leave a lasting impression upon all who have experienced it. This makes it ideal for building brand awareness and ensuring your leads think about your business long after the trade show has concluded.

World-class magic and clean comedy your guests will rave about

Wedding Best Trade Show Magician in Sydney

Jackson Aces will be the highlight of your event!